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    2010 - 09.25

    Scripture Verses at the dinner table

    Scripture verse holders are more than nice table decorations. They can be the beginning of a family scripture memorization activity, the activity that like prayer adorns a meal, a conversation starter, or even a learning to read activity.

    Scripture verse cards can be short or very pretty. They can only contain a verse or like the one shown in the picture they may have a verse on one side and a short commentary on the other. At one time I think we even had one that had an Old Testament scripture on one side and a New Testament scripture on the other. They even come in different versions. They even have different purposes. Some are for children, some for soul winning, others for scripture memorization, to name a few.

    Although you could make your own, you may want to purchase a set of the verses from your local Christian book store or order them on line. If you do order some of the print and cut ones, a good family activity is gluing them on card stock together.

    The time spent reading the verses is short, but they can set a tone if reverently done, that God’s word is important. And with 50+ verses to a holder the reading won’t seem overly repetitious.

    This idea is appropriate for any age. The reading can always be done by dad or shared with other family members. Dan can read one part of the card and mom the other. Although our household has done it several ways now I read the scripture and we rotate the reading of commentary.

    I think that it is important that you say what scripture verse you are reading. For instance say, “John 3:16” even if everyone knows were it is. You never know, one of your children might want to look up the verse to read it in context.

    Although there are many locations to obtain the cards and holders here is one to get you started http://www.christianbook.com/gods-gifts-promise-box/pd/9652X . Otherwise you could google “Scripture verse cards” and look for a format of cards that suits your family.

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