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    2013 - 07.06


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      Science  has significant cultural authority.   It is often seen as the repository of trustworthy objective  knowledge.  As dads we should be aware of both the status and limitations of scientific knowledge.  Science is not capable of knowing certain kinds of knowledge.  For it to proceed  a certain reality, which science is not equipped to test, must be assumed.  Indeed, what Ken Ham points out in his book,  The Lie: Evolution regarding the aspect of modern science called evolution made be said of several areas of  modern scientific thought.   It  is important for our children to understand early, the implications and issues related to certain presuppositions in science.  He states, “Evolution is basically a religious philosophy. We in creation ministries are explaining to people that both creation and evolution are religious views of life upon which people build their particular models of philosophy, science, or history. The issue, therefore, is not science versus religion, but religion versus religion (the science of one religion versus the science of another religion).”

    I hope the following article, regarding the assumptions associated with science, will help you to understand the  limitations of naturalistic science, so that you can help your child understand the true nature of science and thereby understand that real knowledge can come through other approaches.  Further these other  approaches have standing to comment upon the accuracy and necessity  of certain scientific conclusions.

    Scientific Presuppositions article

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