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    2011 - 06.13

    123. ABC. Right/Wrong. Public/Private.

    The concept of order is something that Dads should teach. The Bible tells us that God is not the God of confusion (I Corinthians 14:330. This was said in the context of proper conduct during worship.

    The idea of order appears throughout scripture. Parent/child. (Colossians 3:20, Deuteronomy 5:16) Husband/wife (Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:22 -33) Government (Romans 13) Churches (Acts 14:23, Titus 1:5)

    The respect for what God has done avoids much confusion and perversion. This honors God.

    Western culture is affected by the concepts of putting things on the same level, and using flaws and exceptions to undermine ┬áconfidence in roles. For instance,parents don’t know everything so doubt their religion until you have verified for yourself.

    The tendency to debase the elevated and expose the private is the tendency to profane. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary uses the following phases when defining profane, “1: to treat (something sacred) with abuse, irreverence, or contempt : desecrate
    2: to debase by a wrong, unworthy, or vulgar use”

    Dad’s should teach their children that things and people have their proper place and role. These places and role are to be respected. That which is private, should not be publicy paraded (I Cor. 12:23). Give each their due (Romans 13:7 -8;I Peter 2:16;I Peter 2:17).

    The profanity in language is the outgrowth in a profane attitude toward how God made things and acceptance of what He has given. This leads to a deep seated misunderstanding of God and his ways. (Psalms 1; James 4:1 -3; Romans 1:18 -32).

    Teach by your word and example Proverbs 1:7 and Job 28:28

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