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  • Starting without God is Not Neutral

    2014 - 02.26

    Often our children are taught that starting from themselves to discover truth is neutral .   They are told they can use their own reason as a starting point an arrive at the truth.  Such a process is supposed to be unbiased.  This is not true and is deceiving.

    As finite beings we are given  tools for making connections, which is what reasoning is.  The tools we use determine what we build.  We are presented with ideas that we use as the basis for understanding the world, even though we can’t absolutely prove the ideas.  We all have starting assumptions .   We gain confidence in those ideas as we use them to interpret life.

    Our God given  senses  operate to make observations which our God given brains interpret based on ideas.   If we try to start to interpret the world without God given ideas we are starting with poor assumptions, which lead us to rely on our finite natures.   Our children need to see that relying on Godless ideas is not neutral and  leads to wrong conclusions.

    Starting with what God tells us leads to reasoning correctly concerning the world and eternity.   The following excerpts from the book  In God We Trust by Steve Ham helps make this point.  You may want to share it with your children repeatedly from age 10  through college age.   (excerpt used by permission of Master Books/Leaf Publishing Group.  Use beyond this site will require obtaining their permission)  Click on the link below to see the excerpt.

    Natural or Secular is not Neutral

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