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  • Singing for Young Children

    2010 - 11.05


    Singing is an excellent way to instruct your young children ( 2 years to 8 years old) in concepts about God and help them to memorize Bible verses. While it is important to use more mature songs as your children mature, beginning early to teach bible concepts is an important building block.

    Teach children about creation though songs like “God Made the Animals” or “The Creation Song“. Teach them the books of the bible with songs like the “New Testament Song“. You can make up songs like the “Sheep’s Song” that I made up to teach my children dependance upon God. Teach them bible history with songs like ” Peter and John Went To Pray“. Teach about salvation with songs like, “I’ve Been Redeemed“.

    You need to understand that the world teaches children important concepts that shape their lives through song. Listen to the songs in modern children’s movies (especially animated ones) that teach various values that they want the children to accept. These concepts are built upon as the child grows older. As dads we should be no less aggresive, intentional, and diligent to begin teaching our children about God early.

    Singing impacts not only the mind, but the heart. If you do action songs like “I’m In The Lord’s Army” this will reinforce and make the time even more fun. While fun is important be careful of too many silly songs because you want your children to understand that they are dealing with truth and reality when they are in a relationship with God.

    As you select songs you will want to consider singing songs or choruses of songs that are sung in the main assembly of the church. This will help them integrate into the body as they grow older.

    Singing can occur formally or informally. You can sing in a car. You can sing round a holiday star. You can sing just walking along. You can even sing a bedtime song. I better stop before I start sounding like Dr. Suess, but you get the idea.

    You don’t have to be a good singer for little children. The idea is that you are spending time with them. If you don’t know children’s songs I suggest that you and your wife make up songs or talk with the children’s teacher at a Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. Check out web sites like http://www.weesing.com/single_product.cfm?product_id=15 .

    Be sure not to make the sessions too long ( 5 to 30 minutes depending on the Child’s age) or forced. Make it interesting and enjoyable. The message that being with God is joyful is an important instruction for young hearts and minds.

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