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    2015 - 09.16



    My wife and I were coming back from our annual marriage anniversary trip I was looking out of the window.  The landscape and buildings were still small but getting bigger.  I was looking generally and then my attention was captured by a landmark.  I said to my wife” Isn’t that the big fountain  in …”  The name escaped me.  I guess I am getting older.

    As we continued on towards the airport the landscape became more industrial.  The buildings and alley ways formed a maze below.  From our view we could tell people how to get from one area to another with a minimum of detours.

    Our thoughts turned to God’s vantage point of our age.  He sees the whole of the landscape and can direct us through the alleys of life to a good destination.  On the ground we might perceive dangers and blocks . We may wonder at a turn God tells us to take wondering if we’ll get to the destination.  Sometimes we think we think see the way better than someone up in the air.

    Thoughts turned to how the police use helicopters.  The helicopter spoter sees the area below and people moving.  He radios directions to those on the ground.  Those on the ground listening to the radio can provide good direction to others on the ground.

    It seems that listening to God is like listening to someone high above.  Those who listen avoid many problems that they are both aware and unaware of.   Also we need to observe those who seem to be living according to directions you are hearing from God’s Word.   This will help in understanding God better.

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