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    2010 - 06.20

    Preparing To Lead


    Preparing yourself for leading your family is critical.   Like the great tasks your undertake in your life preparation is necessary.  There are two primary issues.  One is your relationship with God.  The second is your familiarity with the Word of God.  

    It is important that your hear the word of God on a constant basis.  Just like working in a certain environment  or with certain tools helps you to become better at their use, so  hearing and reading the workd of God on a constant basis will help you to teach your children better.

    In this section you will find several bible reading schedules to help you.  You can use one year after year or switch between then.  The important thing is that you hear or read the bible constantly.

    Bible Reading Plans

    Halley Bible Handbook Plan

    Bible reading chronologically

    Bible reading Old and New Testaments

    Reading New to Old

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